Insurance claims for jewelry and other valuables are far more common than we want them to be. We never want to see our customers losing money, jewelry, and valuables to home robbery.

So we come back to answer the question we often get: when jewelry isn’t worn, where should your jewelry be kept?

When jewelry isn’t worn, where should your jewelry be kept?

When thinking of the best place to hide jewelry, there are many places most homeowners (and also thieves) would think of.

So check out the list below about some places you SHOULD secure your valuables and identify other places you definitely should NOT put your jewelry and valuables.

best and worst places to put jewelry

As you can see above, some of the most obvious places we think to store our belongings, may not always be the best.

Here are some more unique places below to hide your expensive jewelry and belongings:

Where to secure your jewelry and valuables:

1) Kitchen Pantry

Inside your kitchen pantry may not be the first place you think to store valuables, but it wouldn’t be the top of a burglar’s mind either. When someone breaks into your home, their first thought is to get in and get out as fast as possible. So they aren’t going to think of non-obvious places like your kitchen pantry.

2) Air Vents

If you are able to access them, air vents can be a great place to store the valuables you aren’t using. And while it may take a little longer to access them, it’s near impossible for burglars to identify these areas AND take the time to extract them.

3) Inside of a Closet

Using your clothing or closets as a way to store valuables can be a clever place (providing you do it right). While inside your clothing drawers could be bad areas, inside the closet behind, inside, or around your clothes could be good options of securing jewelry and valuables.

4) Diversion Safes

Diversion safes can be much safer options to lockboxes and heavy duty safes. These hiding places are disguised as everyday objects such as books, decor, or even items of food if you’d like.┬áIt’s extremely unlikely and unreasonable that burglars will be able to find these valuables, or have time to seek them out. Since they will look like everyday household items,

5) Cleaning Supplies

Burglars normally aren’t rummaging under your kitchen and bathroom sinks for valuables. These could be great areas to tape small safe-boxes up under the cabinets or bathroom drawer areas.

What could be even better for these areas is perhaps utilizing a diversion safe for these areas. Double security in this regard and it decreases the chances for burglary (and insurance claims!)

6) Household Plant

You read that right. Your plants (fake or real) could provide good places to hide jewelry (unless of course the burglars are fine connoisseurs of houseplants and decide to take the whole plant).


Whether it’s in a hidden safe or tucked away in an air vent or houseplant, the key to protecting and securing your high value items is thinking of areas or places to secure them that burglars would never think to look.

Taking the extra step and insuring your high value belongings and jewelry is another way to ensure you do not suffer from the lost of your precious treasures and personal belongings. If you’re not sure if insuring your jewelry and valuables is the best option or not, feel free to shoot us an email by clicking here (at info@sharedalliance.com).

Get your valuables protected today!