35277412 - woman with luxury jewelry hands close upIf you are like most people, you may think that your homeowner’s insurance protects you against all personal property losses. However, most homeowner’s policies have limits to the amount of coverage for valuable items such as jewelry, furs, electronics, coin collections and other valuable items. These may not be covered unless you add an endorsement to your homeowner’s policy.

Do you need a personal article floater?

If you own inexpensive personal jewelry or electronic items, then you probably have enough coverage available through your regular homeowner’s insurance policy. Whether or not you need to add a personal article floater endorsement to your homeowner’s coverage will depend on the value of personal items you own. An expensive coin collection that comes up missing or a valuable gun that you drop off a cliff will probably not be covered by your regular homeowner’s insurance policy. A personal articles floater endorsement or separate policy for these items typically does not carry a high premium compared to the coverage you receive.

How much coverage is enough?

The amount of coverage you have for valuable items through your homeowner’s policy will depend on the company and your policy’s language. A standard homeowner’s policy typically provides up to $5,000 for valuable items that are not scheduled. You can give yourself peace of mind and make sure you do not lose your most valuable items by protecting them with a personal articles floater.

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